Gizmo D. Robot

Gizmo D. Robot is a 7-foot “Million Dollar Machine”, fast-talking, wise-cracking comedian on wheels. He jokes, sings, shakes hands, hugs and poses for pictures.


What GIZMO Does

Gizmo D. Robot’s presentation to elementary students uses a highly interactive approach to drive home messages about making healthy choices in nutrition and physical fitness.  The program is intended to help instill in children the need to make good decisions at a young age and to learn how to make those decisions.  Gizmo also shared the importance of staying safe and using seatbelts.

The Target Audience

GIZMO is targeted to elementary school children.

Participant Cost

The program is free to all attendees.

What You Can Do

Interested participants can watch for information about the BULLYGUARD Program by regularly checking this website, and watching for announcements through local schools. If you want to get involved you may contact us directly