KidCare Identification

Program Description*

Project Kid Care is a national child photo identification and safety education program that was developed jointly by Polaroid Corporation and the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children. The objectives of the program are to increase awareness about the issue of missing and exploited children and to educate parents and children about the ways they can protect themselves. Kid Care provides a complete identification service to parents by collecting each child’s fingerprints and a photograph.  

What KidCare Does*

The identification card provides space for parents to record body metrics such as height, weight, eyes and hair color as well as the child’s personal physician and medical conditions and contacts.  It is not used for law enforcement purposes but rather for identity.   

KID CARE provides 2 wallet cards and a larger card to be kept at home.  In the event a child becomes lost, a parent has a card with all of the child's pertinent, identifying information including a photograph.   

The KidCare Target Audience

The program is intended for all ages of children.  In school programs focus on the elementary schools of Betsy Ross, George Washington and Lenape Meadows.  Information about the program can be picked up at the Mahwah Police Department.

Participant Cost

The program is free to all students.

What You Can Do

To get involved with the KidCare program, contact us directly. The MMA is always looking for ideas about how it can improve its programs promoting safety.


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