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The core purpose of the Mahwah Municipal Alliance, or MMA, is to help the youth of Mahwah become great decision makers.  To meet this purpose, the MMA has been formed as an organization of community volunteers and local police focusing efforts in three major strategic areas.  These include programs and projects related to Personal Courage, Physical and Social Development and General Safety.  The Mahwah Municipal Alliance also actively supports targeted community outreach efforts.

The MMA supports programs that align with our 5 Core Values, asking whether programs will:

  1. Inspire children
  2. Help our youth exercise personal courage and build character
  3. Educate parents about diverse social issues children face
  4. Reinforce law enforcement as a positive model
  5. Promote positive community involvement

It is our belief that when we deliver successful programs matched to these core values, it will have a positive impact on the quality of life in Mahwah.
Request for Funds:  The Board of Directors of the MMA will evaluate requests for consistency with our core values. Generally, the support provided by the MMA is dependent upon our available funding.  Historically, our financial support has ranged from $250 to $500.

Requests are considered on a continuous basis, subject to available funding.

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