2019 Junior Police Academy Recap Video!


2019 Junior Police Academy

Recruit Class #18

friday July 12th & mon july 15th-19th, 2019

This year is the 18th Annual Junior Police Academy. This program has established a strong foundation over the years as a long term support for police and community relationship building.

This is a 6 day program and will be held at Ramapo Ridge Middle School. The approximate hours will be 8:30am – 4:30pm.

Mission Statement

To enable dedicated youth to become self-assured, caring and disciplined adults in a challenging environment and to instill confidence and courage in the legal process and the officers sworn to serve and protect the community. Through classroom instruction, lecture, field trips and physical training, we will foster in each recruit the ability to approach police officers and nourish a friendship between the youth of the township and its Police Officers.

Respect, Discipline and Honesty
— Motto of the JPA


The Mahwah Junior Police Academy (JPA) is a 2 week long summer program dedicated to exposing the children of Mahwah to the rigors of training to become a real police officer. The academy is open to all Mahwah students that successfully complete the 5th grade DARE program this school year. The JPA provides participants with a challenging and meaningful adventure camp experience while building an understanding of policing techniques, police policy and procedure, leadership ethics, teamwork, and effective communication.

It introduces recruits to techniques used by law enforcement when making arrests for drunk driving, conducting searches and fingerprinting.  Recruits also are exposed to how police treat high speed tactical car chases, by accompanying officers driving on a closed track.  A high impact part of the program simulates the dangerous experience of driving under the influence of alcohol.  Recruits, accompanied by an officer, drive a golf cart while wearing special goggles which simulate the distorting, confusing images a drunk driver experiences, giving recruits a first hand view ofthe risks in driving under the influence of alcohol. 


Recruits wear uniforms, are responsible to arrive on time daily and are expected to take notes on their training and experiences.  Field trips to the Military Academy at West Point, the US Coast Guard Station in Staten Island, NY and the Bergen County Police Academy are used to show recruits institutions where respect, discipline and honor are embedded in the daily activities.

Staff to student ratio

Recruit health and safety is our primary concern. The staff are all qualified and trained Police Officers from the Mahwah Police Department providing each camper with a safe and rewarding experience. The Officer-to-Recruit ratio is 1:15 or better to ensure maximum supervision.

“Working together toward one common goal”
is the theme of every academy day. The students will join the academy as 200+ individuals… and end the two weeks as one team.


Started in 2001, the objective of the Junior Academy is to promote an environment where the students learn the basic principles of respect, discipline, team work, motivation, and dedication to a “greater cause” through a rigorous program of physical training and military style experiences. Each student will gain a comprehensive understanding of the laws that govern our country, and the legal processes that protects our citizens.

The essential focus is to build confidence and the students ability to deal positively with tough, social situations. Additionally, the program works to present law enforcement in a positive role. 

Target Audience

The Mahwah Junior Police Academy is targeted at students (recruits) entering the 6th grade the following September. Preferably those who have completed the first year of the Mahwah Substance Abuse Program.  JPA Student Instructors registration is only for students entering 7th grade & above the following September.

Approximately, 200 children participated in the 2018 program. 

Participant Cost

The program requires a $250 fee for each participant. 

2018 Junior Police Academy leaders were:

Commanding Officer/Officer In Charge -  Officer David Sinisi   
Executive Officer - Officer Rob Rapp
Administrative Support - Det/Lt. Guido Bussinelli
Officer Support - Det. Gerald Falotico & Det. Michael Grassi

Alpha Platoon Commander - Officer Michael Jack
Bravo Platoon Commander - Officer Robert Birney
Charlie Platoon Commander - Officer Matthew Buonocore
Delta Platoon Commander - Officer Sean Hayes
Echo Platoon Commander - Officer David Vega
Foxtrot Platoon Commander (Jr. Recruits) - Officer Russell Read
Golf Platoon Commader (Sr. Recruits) - TBD

Medical Director - Michael Migliaccio EMT
Medical Support - Officer Matthew Buonocore & Det. Michael Grassi


2018 Intern Support


Intern Tyler Anzlone
Intern Jacob Blaustein
Intern Paul Castriguano
Intern Pat Gannon
Intern Brian Hillringhouse
Intern Emily Lockwood
Intern Jason Stepp
Intern Alessandra Watrall

Intern Peter Bernhard
Intern Jen Blaustein
Intern Vinnie DiLandro
Intern Peter Gruca
Intern Alex Lanzana
Intern Julianna Sousou
Intern Lauren Tomitsch