Internet Safety Program

Program Description

CyberSafety is presented by the Mahwah Police Department.  The presentation is a comprehensive review of internet safety issues.  

What CyberSafety Does

CyberSafety works to provide parents with a broad education about the internet and its potential threats.  The presentation covers popular trends in the use of email, text messaging, social networking sites as well as mobile phone media capabilities. The program will help parents implement basic safety precautions including techniques such as where to place a personal computer, use of monitoring software, policies for use of social networking sites other related issues.

The CyberSafety Target Audience

Parents of children aged 10 and up or for any parent who is considering or who has already provided their family with internet access through any medium.   

Participant Cost

The program is free to all students and parents.

What You Can Do

To get involved with the CyberSafety program, contact us directly.