The MMA Substance Abuse & Addiction Hotline


HOTLINE: 551-500-4642




The Mahwah Municipal Alliance offers a community liaison that can speak with individuals struggling with addiction and substance abuse and help guide them to resources.

The MMA has taken the steps necessary to provide a resource people can turn to for help when a family member or friend suffers from addiction or substance abuse. If you are struggling today with drug abuse or substance addiction, call our liaison Dana Romano now at 551-500-4642. This one phone call to Ms. Romano can potentially save your life and put you on the road to recovery.


Call our community liaison today

Are you, or someone you know, struggling with addiction or abuse?

Call 551-500-4642

We are excited to welcome Dana Romano as our community liaison. She is a well-known local voice in our community who will give residents a place to turn when they feel like they have nobody to speak with about the serious impact addiction and substance abuse has on their lives.
— Carolyn Blake, President of the MMA

As the community advocate for the MMA, DANA ROMANO will be available to residents by cell phone at 551-500-4642.

By speaking with people and then referring them to local available services in inpatient treatment centers, Ms. Ramano can guide those dealing with substance abuse.

Ms. Romano will also be able to step-through many of the issues related to insurance coverage and placement in an in-patient facility. All communications with Ms. Romano are strictly confidential and there is no fee to residents for her services.

To learn more about Ms. Romano, click here

About Mahwah Municipal Alliance

Mahwah Municipal Alliance (MMA) is a 501(c)3 not-for-profit organization aiding the community since 1985 with initiatives including the Mahwah Substance Abuse Program, anti-bullying campaigns and more. The MMA educates students and parents alike through programs, events, youth academies and partnerships with local organizations.