MarijuanaX: Weed Between the Lines

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Marijuana - Likely the most misunderstood commercialized drug known to man.

The transformation of what marijuana once was - to what marijuana has become - has been mischaracterized and has changed the dynamic of youth use across America.

Marijuana’s perception of harm by youth has never been lower, and usage has never been higher. Potency has never been higher and the genetically-modified product that is being industrialized and commercialized is not being systemically tested. This should be very concerning to parents, to educators, to everyone.

Trifecta Gateway

Educating people about the truth is more important now than ever. More youth enter addiction through the “Trifecta Gateway” – Tobacco, Alcohol and Marijuana. 90% of those who suffer addiction begin between the ages of 11 and 17. 90% of that initiation is with the Trifecta Gateway. With E-cigarettes and Vaping devices, tobacco use is on the rise as is alcohol. Marijuana youth use is higher than it has ever been, and the potency puts users at much greater risk for addiction. Prevention is more important than ever.