Dan Davis, The Reality Therapist

Dan Davis is an internationally known motivational speaker with a sense of caring and passion for life while confronting the conflicts and pressures that face students today.  He has been referred to as a "Reality Therapist" because of his brutal honesty regarding is descent into the abyss of addiction and his climb back to freedom, sanity and respect.  His presentations increase audiences’ consciousness and awareness to the epidemics tearing at the fiber of America.

Dan’s programs are proactive, interactive and a positive approach to prevention!

Mahwah High School Students met with Dan for “B.A.M. It’s Your Choice” and participated in Chalk Talks all centered around addiction and how it alters opportunities to achieve your goals. That evening, parents were invited to attend “Parenting: The Messages We Send” where Mr. Davis discussed what the family, the school and the community must do to help the child evolve into a healthy contributing student and dives into the role of the “enabler”.

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To contact Dan Davis directly email him at ddavis@clarkson.edu