2016 MMA Sponsored Program Announcements Coming Soon!

Making a Difference Together!

Stay tuned this upcoming year for announcements of dates and times. You can check our events calendar for the latest schedule.




The following are programs that are up for consideration for the upcoming 2016 MMA Event Schedule. Please let us know if there is something you would especially like to attend.

  • Youth Leadership Academy
  • Junior Police Academy
  • Teenage Drinking and Drug Use Town Hall Meetings
  • Chris Herren Motivational Speaker – Anti Drug
  • Jesse’s Journey – Anti Drug
  • Mahwah Substance Abuse Program
  • 15-Minute Child Break Program: Talking to Your Kids About Drugs & Alcohol
  • Mahwah Drug Awareness Resource Guide
  • Teenage Anxiety & Depression Student and Parent Programs
  • Dr. Michael J. Bradley’s “Yes, Your Teen is Crazy”
  • CyberBullying Seminar
  • Ryan’s Story: John Halligan’s message – Anti Bullying
  • Rachel’s Challenge - Anti-Bullying Program
  • Internet Safety Workshops
  • Reflections: Teen Theatre Group Highlights Bullying
  • PowerBack - Teenage Dating abuse education
  • Dan Davis “The Messages We Send”
  • Dr. Michael Fowlin
  • Jeff Yalden’s Leadership Program
  • Jacy Good
  • Kevin Wanzer’s “One Laugh at a Time”
  • Team Impact: Leadership Seminar
  • Teen Truth Live
  • Bicycle Helmet Giveaway
  • Children’s Holiday Party
  • Fit Club at Ramapo Ridge Middle School
  • Red Ribbon Week Programs
  • Summer Basketball League
  • Roller Hockey League

*Mahwah Police Department is a nationally accredited Law Enforcement Agency through Commission on Accreditation for Law Enforcement Agencies.
The Mahwah Municipal Alliance is an innovative 501(c)3 non-profit collaborative community organization that helps to inspire the youth of Mahwah to become contributing, productive members of the community through courage, good decision making and physical & social development.

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