Bullying Program

Program Description*

BULLYGUARD™ is a high energy, empowering seminar that educates children on what to expect from a bully and how to deal with it in a non-aggressive way, before it escalates.

This interactive 40-minute seminar is presented by world-renown bodyguard Tom Patire and his BULLYGUARD Team. All programs are designed around teaching children life skills through interactive drills that build confidence, awareness and avoidance.  Some areas addressed include, Different Types of Bullies , What To Expect From A Bully and Why, How to “Just Walk Away™” From Any Bully Situation, How To Look and Feel Confident in a Safe and Cool Manner, BULLYGUARD Safe Zones and Safe People and How To Bodyguard Yourself. An on-going 10-month curriculum that is taught in the classroom once a month to reinforce its message.


The BULLYGUARD™ program is designed to stimulate a child’s mind, while building up the child’s confidence and ability to deal with, and walk-away, from a bully-type situation. The entire seminar focuses on developing a confident body and mind through the eyes and actions of a world class protect.    

The BULLYGUARD™ Target Audience*

Since the highest frequency of bullying has been linked to higher elementary and middle school grade levels, this course is designed with 3rd to 8th graders in mind.

Participant Cost

The program is free to all attendees.

What You Can Do

Interested participants can watch for information about the BULLYGUARD Program by regularly checking this website and watching for announcements through local schools.    If you want to get involved you may contact us directly at mahwahalliance@mahwahpd.org,  

*All information provided courtesy of www.tompatire.com