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Events & Classes

2019 Itinerary

2019 Itinerary

Medication Administration Form

Medication Administration Form


Youth Leadership Academy

Be Prepared!

Assumptions and Critical Success Factors

  • Recruits will cooperate in a group setting.

  • Recruits will participate in the Strategy Workshops for each Challenge.

Progress and Critique

  1. The week is designed to promote and develop each recruit’s natural leadership skills.

  2. Each future leader will have the opportunity to lead their team through a challenge while being mentored by a Mahwah Police Officer or Intern.

  3. Team work, communication, and problem solving skills are the core curriculum.

  4. All recruits are given constructive criticism throughout the each challenge. The week is designed to improve leadership traits as a “team leader” and teammate.

"What to Bring" - Daily Checklist


  • Grey “PT” shirt

  • Blue/Black athletic shorts

  • Clean “base white in color” sneakers. NO boots, sandals, flip-flops, etc

  • Wristwatch (if so desired)

Bringing in Backpack/Gym bag:

  • Lunch (Except on Fridays)

  • NO JUNK FOOD!!! All junk food will be taken.

  • Water, juice or healthy drink for lunch - NO SODA

  • “Uniform of the Day” t-shirt

  • Tan/khaki shorts

  • Extra pair of underwear and socks

  • Sun block

  • Notebook and pen (blue or black ink)

  • Medicine (if needed) given to the Health Director

  • Extra water (if so desired). Extra bottled water is made available to your children and water fountains are on premises

  • Disposable camera with your name written on it (if so desired)

What not to bring:

  • MP3 players, iPods, iPads, tablets, handheld video games, etc (these may be brought on the fieldtrips for the bus rides…. But we DO NOT recommend it.)

  • Expensive cameras

  • Jewelry. No bracelets, anklets at all. Necklaces if they are religious in nature and cannot be taken off. Girls/boys may wear earrings, STUDS only