Itinerary - Coming Soon!

Itinerary - Coming Soon!

Be Prepared!

Be Prepared!

Medication Administration

Medication Administration


Junior Police Academy

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What time is drop off in the mornings?

A: Morning drop off is typically between 8:30 – 8:45am… with the exception of our two field trip days. PLEASE NOTE: The drop off time is reflected on your itinerary. Please refer to the itinerary for specific times. Recruits will be dropped off in the parking lot next to the tennis courts in the morning. You will be guided in by police officers.

Q: Can I drop off my child before 8:30am?

A: Yes. The recruit may be dropped off as early as 8:10am, but they will not be allowed into the building until 8:30am. NO CHILD may be dropped off before 8:10am!!!

Q: What time is pick-up in the afternoons?

A: The recruits will be lined up outside for afternoon dismissal between 2:55 – 3:00pm on the tennis courts. Parents should park in the parking lot next to the tennis courts and wait for the recruits to be released. Parents may feel free to stand outside of the tennis courts and watch afternoon dismissal. NO PARENT should enter the building to pick up their child.

NOTE: Due to traffic conditions on our fieldtrips there may be days when we are late in returning to the school. If this happens parents may call Mahwah Police and ask the expected time of return.

Q: Can my child carpool with another parent?

A: Yes. Parents may split up the driving assignments as long as they inform the academy staff via handwritten letter.

Q: Can my child ride his/her bike (or walk) each day?

A: Yes they can, but we would prefer that they did not ride or walk to the academy. But if they must, the parent must write a letter requesting the same.

Q: What do I do if my child has to come late/leave early?

A: A note MUST be given to Commanding Officer the day before informing us of the change in drop off/early departure.

Q: What do I do if my child has to miss a day?

A: A note MUST be given to the recruit’s Platoon Leader the day before. If no note is given, we will come to your house to find the recruit.

Q: What do I do if my child is sick in the morning?

A: You MUST contact officers, via phone number provided, first thing in the morning to advise. If the recruit is absent from morning roll call we will come to your house to find the recruit.

Q: What should my child pack for lunch each day?

A: NO JUNK FOOD. All lunches will be checked for soda, cookies, candy and chips. If the food is not healthy, the recruits will not eat it!! Junk food will be taken from the recruits and eaten by the Instructors. Lunch should be healthy, sandwiches, vegetables, juices, water, etc.

Q: Does my child have to pack a lunch each day?

A: Yes. The recruit is responsible to bring lunch every day, with the exception of FRIDAYS and our trip to Mountain Creek Water Park (we will eat lunch there as provided by the Academy). The academy will provide lunch on each Friday of the academy.

Q: What does my child wear each day?

A: The recruit should respond to the academy wearing their grey PT shirts, blue/black athletic shorts and sneakers each day - UNLESS told otherwise by the academy staff the previous day.

Q: What is the Uniform of the Day?

A: The Uniform of the Day is the blue or white academy t-shirt given to your child at the start of the academy (see Uniform of the Day assignment sheet in the back of the Parent Packet). The recruit will also wear tan/khaki shorts, and sneakers.

NOTE: For girls: the bottom of the shorts MUST extend lower than the tips of the fingers when your arms are down at your sides. NO SHORT SHORTS!!!

Schedule for uniform shirts:
Monday, Wednesday, Friday = TBD
Tuesday, Thursday = TBD

Q: Does my child have to participate in PT (Physical Training)?

A: Yes. Every recruit must participate in PT. Each child must make every effort to do their best during morning exercises.

Q: Can my child wear jewelry?

A: Yes. Earrings must be studs. No hanging earrings. No bracelets, rings, toe rings, ankle bracelets or necklaces UNLESS they are of a religious nature. The recruit MAY wear a wristwatch.

Q: What forms do I have to fill out for my child?

A: Each recruit must have completed the FULL JPA Academy Registration Form (Medical Info), The Medical Emergency Treatment Slip, The Hold Harmless Form and the Code of Conduct form.

Q: Do you need parents for chaperones?

A: Yes. A LIMITED number of parents may accompany the academy on our field trips. Please use the form below if you wish to be placed on the list of potential chaperones.

Q: Do you need parent assistance during the regular academy day?

A: No. Thank you.

Q: When is the Graduation ceremony?

A: The Graduation ceremony info will be announced at parent meeting prior to start of academies. ALL parents and relatives are encouraged to attend.

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