Itinerary - Coming Soon!

Itinerary - Coming Soon!

Be Prepared!

Be Prepared!

Medication Administration

Medication Administration


Junior Police Academy

Example List of Past JPA Activities:


2018 Events & Classes:

  • Fingerprinting and Evidence Collection

  • Laws and The Legal Process

  • Crime Scene Investigation

  • Self Defense and Martial Arts

  • Homicide Investigation

  • High Speed Tactical Driving

  • Motor Vehicle Stops

  • Swimming and Water Safety Instruction

  • Accident Reconstruction

  • K-9 Demonstration

  • SWAT Team Demonstration

  • DWI Enforcement

  • Handcuffing

  • Arrest and the Constitution

  • Trip to Mountain Creek Water Park, Vernon, NJ

  • Trip to Darlington County Park

  • Trip to Bergen County Police Academy

  • Graduation party



The objective of the Junior Academy is to promote an environment where the students learn the basic principles of respect, discipline, team work, motivation, and dedication to a “greater cause.” Each student will gain a comprehensive understanding of the laws that govern our country, and the legal processes that protects our citizens.


Some 2018 highlights & details:

Intro to Law Enforcement

To clearly identify, discuss and articulate the characteristics of what makes a police officer. Furthermore, to address the training involved and how an individual becomes a police officer.
Methodology: Class discussion, student participation and instructor feedback. The class will establish how the discussion progresses. All students will effect the direction of the lesson plan by class participation.
Conclusion: Each student will be able to identify the core curriculum of a real police academy, and the developmental process necessary for achieving success in policing.

Superdome Athletic Facility


After Graduation Ceremony all recruits will report to The Superdome in Waldwick, NJ for a night of sports, fun, snacks and games!!!

Mountain Creek Water Park
Vernon, NJ

With All Instructors

A day of fun and happiness at NJ’s premier water park.

Darlington County Park
Water Safety Instruction

Recruits will be given instruction on how to assist parties in danger of drowning without putting themselves at risk.

Darlington County Park
Free Swim

All recruits will be monitored by county lifeguards, academy staff and parent chaperones at all times. Any student wishing to swim in deep water MUST meet the county’s rigorous swim test. Those who do not wish to go in deep water will remain in the shallow (fenced in) area of the lake. *** Any student who does not wish to participate in the swimming will be provided with alternative activities on dry land.