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Itinerary - Coming Soon!

Itinerary - Coming Soon!

Medication Administration

Medication Administration


Assumptions and Critical Success Factors

  • Recruits will be responsible for their own preparation each morning, and will make sure they have all equipment needed for the academy day.

  • Parents will make sure the recruit is dropped off and picked up on time each day!!!

  • Parents will take the time to open the lines of communication with the recruit EACH evening.

  • Parents will make sure the recruit is in charge of their own equipment.

  • Parents of recruits will be available to assist with Classroom Assignments and Graduation Day.

  • Parents will regularly check their email account, as updates will be issued on an as needed basis.

  • If you know your child will be late or absent you must send a written note the day before explaining the same. If they are sick that morning, please contact someone at the provided number.

    • The note must be handed to the recruit’s leader, or a phone contact made.

Communication Requirements

Each night the recruit WILL educate the parent about everything they learned at the Academy that day. They will explain in detail the lessons learned at the academy and all pertinent information learned during the course of the day.

The next morning, the parent WILL be able to repeat that information to the Officer In Charge as they drop off their recruit. This process is placed in effect to promote open lines of communication between parents and their children for years to come. It also fosters an environment where you children can relate specific and detailed information to you about the things they have seen and done.

Parents MUST advise academy staff of any daily medical conditions (soreness, allergies, etc) so we may closely monitor your recruit. Handwritten notes to Platoon Leaders will suffice.

If you need to take your child out of camp early (Music class, doctor appointment, etc), you must sign them out in person that day. NO recruit will be allowed to leave unsupervised. They must bring a note explaining that they will be taken out of camp early.

“Uniform of the Day” assignment - All Platoons

Schedule for uniform shirts:
Monday, Wednesday, Friday = TBD
Tuesday, Thursday = TBD

Each recruit will report each morning in his/her grey “PT” t-shirt, blue or black athletic shorts and sneakers. Each day we will change into our tan/khaki shorts and the Uniform of the Day t-shirt AFTER morning exercises.

NOTE - For the first day of the academy the recruits should arrive in their GREY uniform shirt and bring their uniform of the day (shirt color TBD/Khaki shorts)

Daily checklist


  • Grey “PT” shirt

  • Blue/Black athletic shorts

  • Clean “base white in color” sneakers. NO boots, sandals, flip-flops, etc

  • Wristwatch (if so desired)

Bringing in Backpack/Gym bag:

  • Lunch (Except on Fridays)

  • NO JUNK FOOD!!! All junk food will be taken.

  • Water, juice or healthy drink for lunch - NO SODA

  • “Uniform of the Day” t-shirt

  • Tan/khaki shorts

  • Extra pair of underwear and socks

  • Sun block

  • Notebook and pen (blue or black ink)

  • Medicine (if needed) given to the Health Director

  • Extra water (if so desired). Extra bottled water is made available to your children and water fountains are on premises

  • Disposable camera with your name written on it (if so desired)

What not to bring:

  • MP3 players, iPods, iPads, tablets, handheld video games, etc (these may be brought on the fieldtrips for the bus rides…. But we DO NOT recommend it.)

  • Expensive cameras

  • Jewelry. No bracelets, anklets at all. Necklaces if they are religious in nature and cannot be taken off. Girls/boys may wear earrings, STUDS only

If you are interested in being a chaperone for our fieldtrips, or the Graduation, please fill out the following form:

Chaperone Request Form

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