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 2018 Itinerary

2018 Itinerary

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Be Prepared!

 2018 Parent Packet

2018 Parent Packet

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Medical Administration Form


2018 Youth Leadership Academy

Recruit Class #12

Monday June 25th – Friday June 29th, 2018

Parent Meeting on Thursday, June 14th at Ramapo Ridge Middle School Gymnasium from 7:00 pm to 8:30 pm.

Mission Statement

The Mission of the Youth Leadership Academy is to enable dedicated youth to become decisive, caring, and disciplined leaders in a challenging environment. We also strive to instill confidence and courage through hands-on adventure, survival and physical training, while fostering the moral integrity and flawless character required of responsible citizens and future leaders.


The Youth Leadership Academy (YLA) is a unique week long summer program designed by Mahwah Police Officers and dedicated to developing the leadership potential of current middle and high school students. YLA provides participants with a challenging and meaningful adventure camp experience while building an understanding of small group leadership techniques, leadership ethics, team work, problem-solving, and effective communication. To the best of our knowledge the Youth Leadership Academy is the only one of its kind hosted by a law enforcement agency in the State of New Jersey.

 Youth Leadership Academy
It’s not how many hours you put into each day,
but what you put into each hour that counts
— Motto of the YLA

Staff to student ratio

Recruit health and safety is always our primary concern. The staff consists of Police Officers from the Mahwah Police Department and hand selected Interns from area colleges providing each camper with a safe and rewarding experience. The Staff-to-Student ratio is 1:15 or better to ensure maximum supervision. We have access to emergency care 24 hours a day and trained Emergency Medical Technicians on staff 24/7 to provide immediate first aid care.

Location / date / times

The 2018 Youth Leadership Academy will be held from Monday, June 25th to Friday, June 29th.  Drop off for the 1st day will be in the South Lot of Ramapo College, closest to the South Entrance (based upon weather conditions). Please enter the College parking lot at the southern entrance opposite Continental Soldiers Field and Officers will direct you to the drop off location.


The Youth Leadership Academy turns an ordinary summer week in to an extraordinary adventure and turns seemingly unattainable challenges into very achievable successes!

The primary objective of the Youth Leadership Academy is to continue the recruit’s growth process from child to adolescent to adult leader.  The motto of “Respect, Discipline and Honesty” is still the foundation of all daily activities. Team work, communication, and problem solving skills are the core curriculum.

Each Child will learn about the incredible power of “TEAMWORK,” the importance of respect for self and others, and build the confidence to achieve the impossible.

While not as structured as the Junior Police Academy the Leadership Academy will give your child the opportunity to work together with other students, develop and express ideas and creative thinking.

What the Mahwah Youth Leadership Academy Does

The Youth Leadership Academy curriculum consists of Classroom Instruction and Practical Exercises which are designed to develop:

  • Basic Leadership Skills
  • Interpersonal Communication Skills
  • Problem Solving Skills
  • Teamwork Skills
  • Critical Thinking Skills

Mahwah Youth Leadership Academy Target Audience

The Youth Leadership Academy is open to all Mahwah students, although it is preferred that they successfully complete the Mahwah Junior Police Academy. The Youth Leadership Academy is a continuation of the Junior Police Academy and is designed to continue the students’ training and preparation for becoming tomorrow’s leaders.

Participant Cost

The program requires a $300 fee for each participant.

Youth Leadership Academy Leaders:

Commanding Officer/Officer in Charge - Officer David Sinisi
Executive Officer/Director of Operations - Officer Rob Rapp
Administrative Director - Det/Lt. Guido Bussinelli
Senior Student Director - Intern Jennifer Munoz


Officer and Intern Support:

Detective Gerald Falotico
Detective Michael Grassi
Officer Russell Read
Officer David Vega
Intern Jacob Blaustein
Intern Nicholas Agnello
Intern Paul Castignano
Intern Taylor Jaffe
Intern Jon Blaustein
Intern Max Mucha
Intern Brian Hillringhouse
Intern Emily Lockwood
Intern Alexander Lanzana       

Health Director:
Michael Migliaccio EMT

Assistant Health Director:
Officer Matthew Buonocore

Team leaders:

Officer Sean Hayes              Team # 1
Intern Julianna Sousou        Team # 2
Intern Peter Gruca                Team # 3
Officer Gregory Lehman      Team # 4
Intern Tyler Martinez            Team # 5
Officer Jonathan Weber       Team # 6
Intern Tyler Anzalone              Team # 7
Officer Matthew Buonocore    Team # 8

Officer Robert Birney             Team # 9
Intern Alessandra Watrall      Team # 10
Intern Peter Bernhard             Team # 11
Officer Michael Jack               Team # 12
Intern Tyler Rupp                    Team # 13      
Intern Lauren Tomitsch          Team # 14
Officer Timothy Letavish          Team # 15
Intern Jason Stepp                    Team # 16

related statistics

2017 is the 11th Annual Youth Leadership Academy. The program established a strong foundation over the last 10 years as a long term support for police and community relationship building.

  • 106 recruits attended the 1st Annual YLA.
  • 118 recruits attended the 2nd Annual YLA.
  • 138 recruits attended the 3rd Annual YLA.
  • 141 recruits attended the 4th Annual YLA.
  • 165 recruits attended the 5th Annual YLA.
  • 170 recruits attended the 6th Annual YLA.
  • 230 recruits attended the 7th Annual YLA.
  • 240 recruits attended the 8th Annual YLA
  • 230 recruits attended the 9th Annual YLA
  • Approximately 200 recruits attended the 10th Annual YLA

The YLA has raised over $8,000 Dollars for the Make-A-Wish Foundation, the MS Society and the MD Research Institute over the past 8 years, donated nearly $4,000 dollars worth of athletic equipment to underprivileged athletic programs, and donated a truck load of food to the Mahwah Center for Food Action.  

  • Each student will be exposed to no less than 20 hours of leadership instruction culminating in a graduation ceremony.